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Looking for reliable top-shelf garage door repair services? Look no further. We, at Garage Door Repair Services, provide some of the best installation and repair services you can ever find. The garage door is an important part of any business or home. It is made of impressive and selected components. In order for a garage door to function, all the components have to work together effectively as a whole and should offer you the most convenience.

Garage doors have pretty simple lives. Their daily exercise is to move up and down. Fortunately, their simple life usually needs relatively simple repairs. Sometimes, even old garage doors do not need a repair and at times new garage doors need a proper repair.

If you do not want to replace your old garage door then you are left with one option: Garage door repair. When your garage door starts behaving improperly then it’s time to do a bit of maintenance. Before coming into a panic situation, try some simple repairs. Examine the rollers and tracks. If you don’t remember last time when you cleaned them up, then lubricate it and brush it up.

Issues can arise with your garage door such as:

  • Transmitter batteries: For the transmitter batteries, one needs to plug it into the electricity mains every time and sometimes people forget that batteries also need electricity to work.
  • Garage door will not go up: Sometimes people think that the opener is responsible for the door to go up, but the fact is the spring does this job. Springs help to pull up the door and move it down. If the door is unable to go up, the problem will be related to broken springs and it might be dangerous to work with.
  • The door doesn’t move: In case the power fails, the garage door opener button can be easily disconnected and you can open the door manually. This switch is generally attached to a knob or a rope which is accidently hooked up. You can do the job and then again reattach this hook securely and try the door to open and close with the help of your transmitter.
  • The track is out of alignment: It can be a serious issue if your track is not properly aligned. The metal track helps the door to move in an aligned way and if you can see gaps between the rails and rollers or some bends in the rail then you can have a huge problem and to overcome this situation and call us for help.
  • Garage door closes with a bang: There might be two possible reasons for this situation. Broken tension spring due to which spring is unable to counter the weight of the door and broken cables. In both the situations, you should probably call for our professional service.

We provide you with the best automatic garage door repair services that fits with different companies of garage doors. We are located in different cities like Marietta and Georgia. Garage Door Services is a name associated with high quality installations and products. This is why we are proud to be associated with some of the manufacturers of high-quality garage doors and accessories like Amarr, Genie, Wayne Dalton, Clopay, Linear, CHI, AllStar, Sears, NWD and Liftmaster. We install, maintain, and repair garage doors from these top-shelf manufactures, among others.

Highly trained, certified, and experienced technicians carry out all repairs. All repairs are concluded within 24 hours without fail. We value all our clients and attend all repair assignments at your convenience. That is why we are also available during weekends and holidays and provide this service with no extra charge.

Prices of garage door repair services depend on a variety of issues such as the cost of replacement parts, among others. The free estimate helps you get a picture of what your costs will be to get the garage door working again. Our technicians are well trained and able to diagnose problems in a flash. We dwarf the competition and are not afraid to promise exceptional results from our high quality workmanship. Our technicians are always happy to discuss any issues and answer your questions regarding the garage door.

We provide a guaranteed same day service and are available to attend to your issues 24/7. You can get in touch with us any time of the day by booking an appointment online. Our technicians will call you within 3 hours to confirm the job. Our services are respensive and also cater for emergency situations.

Broken garage door springs are the major cause of injuries when dealing with a faulty or broken garage door. Springs of your garage door withstand a force of 100-200 lbs which allow them to handle the massive weight of your door. Attempting replacement or repair without proper knowledge is putting yourself in at serious and real risk of serious injury or even death. Our technicians are experts and have all the right tools needed to replace and repair any brand of spring at a reasonable cost.

The lifespan of a garage door opener is about 10 years. Generally, people use their garage door system twice or thrice a day. As years pass on, wear and tear visits it and regular maintenance becomes indispensable although you can’t completely eradicate a periodical need for repairs. The life of your garage door can be increased via maintenance to avoid costly repairs.

There are many services provided by our customer support:

Mail-in service:

The manufacturer is responsible for repairing your equipment and avail you with panel replacement if you drop a mail. Turnaround time is about 3 hours.

Carry-in service:

The equipment will be repaired when you deliver it to a local service site. This type of service is referred to as depot service.

On-site contract:

For the annual or monthly fee, our repair person will arrive at your place to fix a problem. Service will be rendered within a fixed number of hours after reporting a problem.

Hot lines:

Manufacturers provide a contact number if you want some advice or trouble shoot your problems regarding repair and the number is often toll-free. Some hot-lines are good enough and enable you to solve your problems by yourself. The quality of support varies from company to company.